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CCDO in Rural WASH Initiatives in the Southern Region

Chipembere Community Development Organization with the help of World Connects small grants program, we implemented a project that took place in 2019 in Thyolo district. The project (Provision of Safe and Clean Water) involved digging a pipeline from the river water source (water protected area which is at a distance of 2.5 km) to supply safe clean water into Pwemphwe community comprising 6 villages with a total population of 10 967 people. The pipelines passed through six villages where two water collection tanks were constructed and tap water points were properly elected in 10 places in all six villages which are: Pwemphwe, Nandolo, Mkhweliwa, Nampira, Kapota II and Kalinda in Group village Nkhaka in Traditional Authority Changata for easy access to safe and clean water.

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