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COVID-19 Awareness Program

In the mid week of May, CCDO we conducted workshops in and around Thyolo districts amongst various communities to educate the masses about the novel corona virus, it's impact, the dangers it possess and how to take precautions.

The awareness programs was conducted with existing peer educators in our impact areas where we have existing projects. On 14th May - Kamuzu Day, we organized campaigns in Mulanje where we were already conducting Ending Early Marriages Project at TA Nkanda, Group Kalirima, where we sensitized the masses on:

1. Observing the social distance

2. Frequent hand washing with soap and water

3. The use of sanitizers

4. Proper ways of using masks

5. And the importance of observing all of the mentioned measures.

We sensitized the masses on the symptoms of Covid 19, what they should do when one shows these symptoms. All of the training were conducted as per the guidelines written out by the World Health Organization and the government.

We also distributed flyers and posters illustrating Covid 19 symptoms, prevention and other relevant information.

We also met with three GVH in TA Nkanda, 15 Peer educators, 5 Teachers, 5 active male champions and 2 Mulanje District Council officials to discuss the situation and the initiatives undertaken by us to educate the masses on the situation.

We also distributed bicycles to our peer educator volunteers to enable them travel into rural settings and conduct awareness campaigns on Covid 19 and ending early marriages programs

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